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Leornard Zhakata's nephew flies Zim flag higher in UK

by Janine Dube, OneVybe Magazine
10 Jul 2014 at 06:53hrs | Views
As much as it is rewarding, a career in the entertainment business is filled with challenges and one has to have unbreakable self belief and drive and Boyz Retonaz's AJ Tipsy said as much while speaking to OneVybe Magazine.

AJ Tipsy, real name Nigel Zhakata-Aaron, says he has always wanted to be a musician and has been passionate about the craft since he was aged nine.

AJ comes from a talented family of musicians and his uncle is the legendary Leornard Karikoga Zhakata, who became the youngest Zimbabwean to sell over 100,000 copies with his 1994 smash hit '

Despite having a large following, particularly in the UK, and being stopped in the street by adoring fans, the UK based singer still has his feet firmly on the ground.

With Boyz Retonaz, AJ has performed the hit song 'Ndimi Mafanz' with Zimbabwean rapper Stunner and he says they are all like family.

In early 2014 AJ released his solo single '2 Much 4 Money' but his ambitions go beyond just music.

The singer and entrepreneur, in a candid interview with OneVybe, opened up about what inspires him and he is intent on spreading the good word.

AJ spoke about the pain of losing his daughter, Lylah Aaron, who tragically died in 2013.

He is forever grateful to his friends and family who supported him then and continue to do so now.

It was during this painful period in his life that AJ says he truly appreciated the importance of hope.

Hope drove him to start his inspirational T-shirt label Zviri Important Kutrya, which demonstrates the importance of picking oneself up when the going gets tough.

AJ says he had this in mind when he came up with the colours on the design.

The striking colours, a rich gold and an attention grabbing red, are fitting for the powerful message AJ wishes to share and already he is inundated with orders from all over the world.

The fast selling Z.I.K t-shirts come in black or white, in all sizes for men and women and can be delivered all over the globe.

To place an order, email

In winter, jumpers will be available and there will be more information on that on AJ Tipsy's Facebook page.

AJ, an inspirational individual himself, looks up to successful musical entrepreneurs like Sean Combs, popularly known as P Diddy, and he spoke about the importance of surrounding oneself with the right circle of people.

That circle includes the talented designer Terrie Mahati, who has lended AJ a helping hand with his designs and this has encouraged AJ to also help others who are up and coming in the industry.

He encourages youngsters who are passionate about something to go for their dream.

'Believe in yourself and others will also believe in you,' says AJ.

For T-shirt orders email:
Contact pa Miss Chard for enquiries:
07879 177702

AJ likes to connect with his fans and offer snippets of wisdom through his Facebook page and to follow him visit: 

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