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New kid on gospel genre

by Simbarashe Sithole
31 Aug 2021 at 07:13hrs | Views
Harare  based gospel artiste Aron Kaporoma aka King Solomon is set to unleash his debut album titled  Kuenda Canan.

The six track album is set to be released tomorrow.

The 28-year-old musician grew up in a Christian family and got inspired at St John Apostolic Church.

Several renowned artists will be caught by surprise, as King Solomon has brought new definition to gospel music (a survive,  suffer or surrender situation)

Speaking to, King Solomon said that singing gospel music is a calling.

"My  type of music   is called International traditional gospel music; and it started when I was still young at school choir as well as being a member  St. John Apostolic Church of the Wholeworld) Sunday school praise and worship team".

"Life has not been rosy since the death of my parents and we were left in the custody of our grandparents and  l am most grateful to my Church which nurtured me from my tender age to date. The church also looked after our upbringing and welfare," Kaporoma said.

"The six-track Kuenda Cannan album  consists songs like  Gweta Rangu, Cannan, Nyika Inorema, Zvinoda Jesu/Nyaya Yandiinayo, Simba Remunamato and Mweya Munyaradzi."

"In brief, the song Gweta Rangu song simply means that the good Lord is like our Lawyer in everything, the Omnipresent and omnipotence. Whenever we go beyond difficulties following curses from ancestral, avenging and evil spirits following us, the Lord represents us everytime. If we got arrested or accused on unfounded allegations, the Lord is is our Lawyer representing us from earthly trials and tribulations. It simply means the Lord represents us everytime," Kaporoma added.

"Cannan song means how God has guided and taken care of us in our lifetimes and our livelihoods and how the Lord has been great in liberating humanity from all ills, sufferings and limitations and how he has made us overcoming or conquering them, from the period we were sinning into repentance. Thus resemblance of how have we become born agains from genesis to exodus of our lives," Kaporoma close remarks.

Nyika Inorema is a song that appeals for God's perennial guidance against all difficulties and sufferings we are facing. Its like bemoaning the state of our earthly living where the life we are living is unbearable and we cannot do without God's mercy, grace and custody.

Simba Reminamato means the power of prayers through miracles and transformations God has shown mankind. The power of prayer surpass everything and is a mechanism that facilitates mankind's numerous requests to God which always come to fruition or come to pass and realised.

Kaporoma said song number 6 on his album is a Gospel Bonus  track featuring  Dj Spunky, as well as the third song which he also featured the same Kuwadzana-based young DJ (Spunky).

Born in Marondera on the 15th of May 1993, Kaporoma grew up in Chihota (Musoro area) in a family of five.

The up and coming gospel artiste lost his parents when he was still young, which led him solely dependent on both the church and grandparents as his custody and guardianship together with other three siblings.  

Kaporoma who later on moved to Harare in search for greener pastures in order to make ends meet said he had his role models including Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave(locally) while consider renowned Nigerian singer, Sinach as International model to him.

He said choosing gospel music was mainly necessarily considering his upbringing, which saw him being raised in church founded on the apostolic principles, values and norms.

Meanwhile, Kaporoma cited sponsorship, proper management and and sustainable genre promotion as reasons for demise of some gospel artistes, claiming this has also been affecting him and therefore appealed to well-wishers who can assist in resuscitating the genre.

Source - Byo24News