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Bulawayo's kwaito star Kadder sings for Brenda Fassie

by Mandla Ndlovu
02 Jun 2020 at 10:50hrs | Views
Bulawayo kwaito star Kadder has released a song dedicated to the late African music icon Brenda Fassie of blessed memory who went to glory in May 2004.

Speaking to this publication on Tuesday Kadder said the track will be a mixture of old school Kwaito with elements of the Brenda Fassie's song Midodo.

Said Kadder, "I intend to release the song on 16 June, the Day of the African Child. I must hasten to say that I am inspired by how the then youthful Brenda defied all odds and rose to fame during the oppressive apartheid era in South Africa.

"l train drummies using the song Midodo and all of us we love it. I am confident that the song will be electric and will find love from kwaito fans and the young at heart. The song will be marketed and distributed by Mafu Media Productions and it will be available on all digital music platforms

Speaking about Brenda Fassie's inspiration on her career, she said, "I grew up listening to Brenda Fassie and was so in love with her voice and outstanding character. I admired how out of the blue she would kiss a fan, President Nelson Mandela or a presenter during an interview. She had an unpredictable character that commanded a lot of following among listeners of her music. Brenda Fassie is the Madonna of Africa and till today she inspires some of my activities as an artist, for instance, speaking out against GBV as well as being unapologetically true to herself."

MaBrrr, as her fans call her, died 11 on May 9, 2004, but her music continues to inspire millions globally.

She was often labeled the Madonna of the township and was a legend in her own right.

No wedding was complete without Brenda's popular track, Vulindlela, which means 'open the gates'.

It certainly opened up the dance floor, and no matter how old you were, you couldn't help but get down to the song.

Source - Byo24News