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WATCH: Prophet Passion Java turns to mazigaro

by Mandla Ndlovu
24 Mar 2020 at 11:53hrs | Views
Controversial Preacher Passion Java has taken things to another level after sponsoring Zimdancehall Uncle Epatan's obscene song titled Mazigaro loosely translated to Big buttocks.

The Zimdancehall artist modified a community hymn sung at funeral wakes and turned it into a song about buttocks.

The video is equally obscene with images of semi-nude women gyrating on a beachfront. The Christian community has expressed shock and dismay at the levels of obscenity and how the Man of God easily attaches his name to such obscenities.

Speaking to Bulawayo24 Zimbabwe Christian Leaders in South Africa President Kelvin Mazhandu said Christian leaders must practice temperance.

"I have watched the much talked about video of Prophet Passion and I would like to say I am a bit disappointed," Mazhandu said. "This is not the kind of leadership we expect from Christian leaders. While people are allowed to do what they want but we must put it into cognisance that as Christian we are epistles written by the finger of God and read by men. I expect better from an influential person like Java."

Watch the video below, not suitable for sensitive viewers

Source - Byo24News