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Olinda used juju on Tytan

by Staff reporter
02 Jul 2018 at 16:26hrs | Views
Blogger and Comedian, Tatenda "Skimbo" Matika, has blasted longtime friend Tytan Skhokho for not inviting him at his wedding held over the weekend.

Tytan tied the knot with his girlfriend Olinda Chapel at a secret wedding where the couple did not invite most of their friends who thought deserved to have been invited.

Skimbo, who is among disappointed friends of the couple who were snubbed from the event, said he felt betrayed by Tytan.

"Tytan and I used to be very close but all this time I have been noticing that he was distancing himself away from me and I was ignoring it until when I got to know about the wedding.

"I never thought he would not invite me on his special day considering everything that we have been through.

"We became friends years ago when Olinda was not even in the picture and he was like a brother to me, its unfortunate because I didn't know it was one sided.

"I am hurt and I feel betrayed by someone whom I thought was a friend.

" I now believe Olinda used juju on Tytan to forget his close friends," he said.

The blogger said his friendship with Tytan got strained when Tytan started dating Olinda.

"I often hear people say money can separate two close people and that's the real case that happened between Tytan and I.

"I still remember days when Tytan had no money, we were so close and ever since he got married to Olinda and he now has more money he started to change his behaviour.

"He is now so consumed into material things that he no longer wants to interact with poor people like me.

"I didn't want to be part of his bridal team, all I wanted was to be invited at the event and congratulate him," he said.

Source - hmetro