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Learn to use tips to get better at Scrabble

by Staff writer
12 Nov 2019 at 07:03hrs | Views
There cannot be many who haven't at some point settled in for night playing scrabble. It's been part of the stable of board games since forever. The little bag, the tiles, the fold down the board and the thrill of hitting the triple word score big. This board game is more than knowing your lexicon, it's chance and it's strategy.  Ready to play?

Make Use of Small Words

the first mistake beginners make is going for the bigger word. Not in this game. It is possible to score big by sensibly using two letter words. Some great examples are OE, KI, KA, JO, OE, ZA, and XU. Serious players commit them to memory. You can use these small two-letter words and gained more points by making multiple words in one turn. It will take some time to master this strategy. Some good examples include PYX, PEZ, COZ, BEZ, and ZEK.

Learn to Make Use of Suffixes and Prefixes
In order to create a new word, you don't always need to look for a big word. You can get good results simply by adding suffixes and prefixes. The rules allow you to use prefixes such as 'anti' or 'dis', or suffixes like ‘ion' and get points for the entire new word.

Aim for High Value Titles
And you should do it at the start of your game. You may benefit from the strategy of using your tricky letters early in the game. The most common tricky letters are, Z, K, Q, and X. Interestingly, there are many official Q-without-U words worth learning. It may also help you to make use of a good scrabble word finder online. This way, you can improve your vocabulary and begin recording and learning groups the most unusual words.

Aim for Hooks
Another great strategy is to constantly look for hooks. A hook is important in scrabble and refers to a single letter word that you can add to the existing words to create a new one altogether. For instance, if you have just created the word 'host', you can simply make a new one by adding a single word G to create ‘ghost' or a P to ‘layer'. Keep in mind that you can also use D, R, E, and Y tiles to create various hook words during the game.
A good game of scrabble can go on for a while and then you have to go for the best of three. For regular players, this night on the tiles is a social event. A chance for friends to spend time together but this popular game can bring out a competitive streak in even the most placid although the big fat dictionary, a mutually agreed edition used check words those weird words exist is more likely to be online. Score cards don't get discarded. These players play the long game. But then again, it has to come down to who uses the right trick at the right time, so be sure you're the person taking the right step to claim the game.
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