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The 4th annual Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo celebrations successful in Johannesburg

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
02 Aug 2016 at 13:14hrs | Views
The life of the late Zimbabwean Vice President ,veteran nationalist and father figure ,Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo was successfully commemorated through arts in South Africa.

The event which was organised by Matabeleland Entertainment News crew was held on the 30th of July 2016 at Hillbrow theatre and drew about 500 Zimbabweans from all walks of life.

Although the programme started at 1pm ,however the build up was witnessed as early as 9am as people were already gathered in front of Hillbrow theatre in anticipation of a mini-festival as the day was fond of free theatric fireworks .

Football fanatics even forgot about the popular Carling Black Label Champions Cup -Soweto derby . Some did not really forget about soccer instead they prioritised the Mqabuko day.

The opening act featured Ezomdabu and Amanqe who showcased undiluted cultural dances such as iHosana and isitshikitsha. The drums were roaring as if it was a rain making ceremony day.

Then followed Intombi Zosiko in an attire decorated with Zimbabwean flags colours to showcase a starling Tswana culture shortly before Dibi ascended with a praise poetry that set the tone for the opening remarks by Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu.

Ndlovu then handed over to the MCs of the day, Mongezi Mpofu 'Moe Mashaba' who appeared in Zulu worrior regalia and Samu Dumani Mlalazi who also appeared in a traditional attire. The event was graced by the presence of Nkomo family contingent which included, Ellen Nkomo the (daughter of Stephen Jeqe Nkomo) and Mehluli Moyo-the CEO of the Joshua Nkomo Cultural Movement. Moyo went on to speak about applying the teachings of Nkomo as opposed to just talking his walk, he emphasised that the application of Nkomo's ideologies will bring unity and cooperation.

Apparently from the front row politicians from different parties were for once spotted smiling under one roof as hailing Dr Nkomo's praises for his role in the liberation struggle became their unity of purpose. Canascious Nkala ,an activists and businessman, spoke about the need for today's youth to learn to stand up for what they believe in and fight for it through education.

The audiences enjoyed performances from Thuli Mangethe, Umkhonto Weskritu gospel messengers, Amabhubesi Amnyama, Abafana baka Mzilikazi, Zinjaziyamluma ,Nikky Ncube and many others. More than 20 artists performed on the day including the SATMA Maskandi best new comer nominee 'Igqishamnkantsha' who still needs more votes in order to bring the award home.

As was expected , Madlela stole the show via his rhumba comedy single 'Golide' that left the crowd in stitches .
The day climaxed with the Dr.Nkomo leadership awards presented to Mxolisi Ncube and Mxolisi Khulekani Nkomo (Zinjaziyamluma). The former's award was presented to his proxy as Ncube himself was reportedly in Cape town for business.

Upon presentation , the organisers said that Ncube stands above the rest and this even explains why he has won numerous human rights awards across Africa. He has also contributed to the community through the art of journalism,reporting on issues that touched the souls, and has even established himself as a vibrant music promoter in South Africa.

Then the latter-Zinjaziyamluma, has raised the Zimbabwean flag through music and such was witnessed in the latest KZN Maskandi festival and previous SATMA nominees. The Maskandi musician was recognised for having worked extra hard in promoting Zimbabwean culture through his music which is now being played in almost every channel.

"People must understand that employers were not created to make their employees rich, but to sustain their basic living. If you need to be rich you must work on your own hands,said one of the main speakers Acts Aota (pastor , entrepreneurship, leadership consultant, life coach).
" Discipline is what our fellow Africans lack most, money is fluid , it flows, so please make sure that it flows towards your direction. The key to business is being a problem solver, identify a problem and stand out with a solution"concluded Aota.

Bongani Mncube also spoke about discipline, humanity and cooperation. He also emphasised on social behaviour,"do not drink as if you discovered the beer yourself ", said Mncube.

Linkundla learns that the event was made possible by contributions from business people like Ndlovu from Boysens hotel, Thami Ndlovu,Gerald Ncube, pastor Acts Aota and event other arts practitioners.

"In our next edition we will seek bigger venues, maybe we must also consider places like Berea park or Jobert park where we can hire a big truck for our stage. I would also like to thank everyone for making thus day a success and i give special thanks to The Super Legends Mlambos Express Band for their unwavering support by providing us with fully equipped Public Address system and a staring performance" said Mpofu.

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