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Mkhululi Bhebhe launches online series

by Staff reporter
21 Jul 2020 at 09:21hrs | Views
FORMER Joyous Celebration member Mkhululi Bhebhe has launched an online music series My Music Journey which he will use to motivate up-and-coming artistes and share with them the secrets to success in what he described as a "brutal industry".

Bhebhe told NewsDay Life & Style that he would use a video blog (Vlog) to speak to the emerging artistes.

"I also started a series titled My Music Journey where I share most of the stuff that up-and-coming artistes need to know as they enter into this sometimes brutal industry. It's called a Vlog where I just turn on the camera and speak," Bhebhe said.

A video blog or video log uses videos as its medium and can be classified as a form of web television, combining embedded video or a video link with supporting text and images.

Several musicians have been forced to innovate and find ways of connecting to their fans through online platforms after the government put in place a nationwide lockdown for non-essential services including public gatherings of more than 50 people as part of efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Bhebhe said he decided on an impromptu Vlog session and was surprised by the response.

"The beauty of it is that it speaks to a wide audience of not only musicians and artistes. In terms of motivation, I just switched on the camera and started talking, with no idea that people will be drawn in numbers," he said.

"It's still growing and I am excited about the future. This is one of the many talents I have discovered about myself in this lockdown period. I have always been a shy person and the fact that I am able to speak into people's lives without hiding behind the beat is a huge achievement for me."

The musician said the lockdown had not hit him too hard as he had a lot of material that he would release during this period.

"This season has not been all that bad for some of us who have so much material to release online to keep the fire burning. Since the pandemic started, I continued releasing music videos from my live DVD which is titled The Ultimate Praise Experience on my YouTube channel, which has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times," he said.

Famed for his monster track, Ichokwadi, which he did as part of the top South African gospel outfit Joyous Celebration, Bhebhe urged artistes to utilise the lockdown period to rebrand and market their work through online platforms.

"Artistes should do their best to use this season as a time of serious branding and broadening one's horizons. It's also a season of writing as much material as one can so that when the world opens up again, which it will eventually do, we still find ourselves relevant," he said.

"I think a lot of people who have always assumed that artistes are so selfish and hungry for money will need to re-evaluate their thoughts because an industry that has not been rewarding artistes for the longest time has become even worse because of the pandemic."

Bhebhe said if musicians were in it for the money, they would have long given up and pursued other lucrative careers.

"We are still hanging in there and continuously releasing material at our cost for free on platforms such as YouTube. YouTube pays, but for one to break even, we are talking about seriously high viewership in the region of millions," he said.

Source - newsday

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