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Hip-hop top 10 spansers

by Staff Writer
12 Sep 2019 at 12:05hrs | Views
Earlier in the year, June to be precise, Rapper Jay-Z made history by becoming rap's first ever billionaire. The report released by Forbes on June 4 claims Jay-Z's wealth now "conservatively tops $1bn," This came two years after Forbes claim P Diddy ( or simply Diddy ) as rapper Sean Combs is otherwise known is "locked in a battle" with Jay-Z in a battle to become the industry's first billionaire.

The report by Forbes indicates that although Sean Combs was thought to be in line to battle with Jay-Z for the billion race has been beaten to the second spot by Dr. Dre who is the founder of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics and a former co-owner of death Rows Records. Dr. Dre had initially declared himself one of hiphop billionaires but Forbes do not think he is yet a billionaire and have put his net worth at 800 million. Sean Combs who is now third on the list is not far behind Dr. Dre with a net worth of 740 million dollars.

It is a normal thing to see Hip-hop stars openly flaunt their wealth, we are all used to their flashy and expensive lifestyles, but it is really difficult to tell what they are worth neither do we know what they are spending to maintain their expensive lifestyles as see on TV and in their music videos. But thanks to Betway who have released an infographic which reveals hitherto unknown details about our favourite rappers and hiphop stars.

Via the betway infographic which they have named BlingDex, you can now get to know where some of your favourite rappers' most popular music videos were produced, how much they spent on cars, foods and other stuffs whil making the videos.

The BlingDex infographic studies 40 of the ‘Billboard Top 100′ rap videos and releases all the important details. With this you can get to know which of the rappers dropped the most money on their music videos, how much they on average spend on clothing, the value of each music video, the values of cars, bikes and jewellery used in the videos as well as how much was spent on real estate to shoot the videos and what have you.

You probably have heard that 50 Cents spent some mouthwatering £7,000,000 on a particular music video, you probably already know which music video it is but do you know the breakdown of that £7,000,000? The Betway BlingDex reveals it all.

Source - Byo24News

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