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Misred meme goes viral online

by Staff reporter
08 Feb 2019 at 14:40hrs | Views
RADIO and television personality Misred is not bothered that her racy and daring photograph sitting on a vintage car went viral saying it makes it easy for her to send the message behind it.

The photograph got people talking; sparking debate online while others turned it into a meme.

Born Samantha Musa, the affable ZiFM radio DJ said the picture is off her 1960s themed photo shoot meant for her Instagram.

 "This for me was just a 60s photo shoot as I do with all my Instagram photos and I cannot believe how it has gone viral but I'm glad it has because it now helps me to preach to my fellow sisters that they should appreciate who they are and that they should own how their bodies are built," she said.

She said being thick or slender should not define a woman and body shaming should not have a place in society.

"I have come to realise that in our society it's hard to love your body, there are many challenges from people saying the worst things ever. To all the other ladies out there and men going through body-shamming give yourself time avoid negativity as hard as it is, being thick or thin should not define you. Before people make harsh comments on people's bodies they should consider the effects," she said.
Misred said body shamming has serious effects on one and can lead to low self-esteem. She said the magazine definition of beautiful bodies is a misrepresentation encouraging women not to change in order to suit such narratives.
"All we see in magazines is how to have the perfect body for a bikini and when reading, it sounds normal but is it normal? This makes me wonder if us thick girls' bodies are not good enough. There is so much body shaming that it has been ingrained in people's minds that it now sounds like the truth but it's definitely not," she said.

Source - dailynews