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Zim Poet in SA Bongani Mncube pens poem on Mthwakazi Hero Magagula

by Stephen Jakes
24 May 2020 at 09:47hrs | Views
South Africa based poet, Bongani Mncube has penned a poem as a tribute to the late Author and Mthwakazi hero David Magagula who passed on in South Africa this week.

Magagula is one of the pioneers of the Matabeleland Struggle for the secession of the region from Zimbabwe's Mashonaland provinces to revive the Jamason Line.

Mncube's poem reads as follows:

One day I will tell my grand children this.
I have worked with great men
I rubbed shoulders with heroes.

One of them was the great David Magagula.
From afar you will see a radical activist.
From afar you will see just a politician.
When you came close to him.

You will see a very generous human being.
He shared everything with everyone.
To him it was never myself it was ourselves.
To him it was never me it was us.

From a distance others saw just a writer.
From a distance some just saw a teacher.
But when you came close you saw a nation builder.
When you came close you saw a uniter.

To him it was never about personal gains.
To him it was never about material gains.
It was about everyone living happy and free.
Free from anger and hatredy.

Free from poverty and starvation.
Free from ignorance and pain .
One day I will tell my grandchildren.
I walked, worked, laughed, with one of Mthwakazi's great sons.
Lala uphumule qhawe lakithi.

Source - Byo24News