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Poet and Philanthropist makes Covid-19 offering

by Simbarashe Mwandipendaa
30 Apr 2020 at 15:47hrs | Views
Zimbabwean poet, philanthropist and academic writer Mthulisi Ndlovu also known as KingKG has vowed to soldier on and lead from the front in terms of fighting against Covid 19. The youthful writer expressed nothing but positivity when it comes to confronting the misery that has been brought by the pandemic.

Through his thought provoking and mind-blowing celestially weaved poetry piece titled 'IN DARK TIMES', Ndlovu proves nothing but the possibilities of victory, triumph and the potential that art has in combating the misery brought by the unwelcomed Corona virus which has affected thousands of lives around the world.

"Art is more than just what the naked eye can possibly perceive; it goes beyond mere amusement and entertainment to as far as healing fragmented souls". Ndlovu said.

"There is hope in poetry and art in general esp in Zimbabwe. There is way more than enough raw talent that needs to be unveiled and exposed for the world to experience and be healed." He added.

As we look into this piece let us read it bearing in mind that we are more than enough to fight and conquer this pandemic. Ndlovu also emphasized and called upon the general people to be instrumental in terms of spreading more faith than fear. He added that people must by all means take heed of the basic health practices that were being prescribed by national and international health institutions.

By Mthulisi Ndlovu

Some people heard about it
And some took heed of the warning
Some thought otherwise
And some died from it
Some acted otherwise
And some were seen panic buying

As some were panic dying
Some stayed indoors and kept distance
Some laughed and mocked reality
And some were still dying
Some were busy fooling around
And some busy trying to find means of survival.
Some stayed still under lockdown

And some revolted claiming infringement of human rights
Some closed their borders and factories
Some stayed stuck still for months
And some starved to death
Some strived to serve and save the needy
As some fellow prophets and clergy men went silent and AWOL
Some kept demanding tithes from fellow confused and scared congregants
And some doctors and nurses sacrificed their lives
As time went by and by

A cure was discovered
And the world reassembled
Human nature was humbled For a while people overlooked their differences and came together
Sadly, the world still failed
To learn from its blunders and grasp what mattered the most.
Source - Byo24News