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Carl Joshua Ncube LIVE in HICC 2020?

by Agencies
02 Jan 2020 at 15:38hrs | Views
Carl Joshua Ncube began 2020 with an announcement to celebrate 10 years in Comedy with a one man show in the giant and intimidating Harare International Conference Centre. The comedian as usual took to facebook to post a somewhat cryptic message of his name on a picture of HICC with a question mark.

It reads "Carl Joshua Ncube 2020?".

When asked the international comedian who has had a very low profile on the international scene confirmed that he plans on taking this project head on and is excited as he has always believed the HICC was the GOLIATH to his DAVID career.

 Carl is no stranger to HICC having performed 2 shows where he got 1600 and 1200 people respectively. Carl pointed out that the bottom half of the HICC was his largest attendance in Zimbabwe to date and he was feeling excited with the opportunity to perform and fill up the giant venue.

No concrete plans have been made to date ie booking the venue announcing an actual date and deciding the name of the show but to begin the year Ncube felt it important to let his fans know what his intentions are going to be. The comedian also confirmed that he will be going on international duty this year as a STAND UP COMEDIAN, CELEBRITY CHEF and a SPEAKER.

Source - Agencies