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Starting a Business Abroad? Here's How to Prepare

by Staff Writer
04 Nov 2019 at 18:47hrs | Views
Opening either a new business or a new branch of an existing business overseas is a major undertaking, regardless of who you are. If you don't prepare properly, expanding your business can be its undoing, and things are even more precarious when you are moving abroad. In order to make a success of it, you need to prepare yourself in the right way.

Localize Your Existing Infrastructure

One of the most difficult parts to get right in any overseas expansion is the localization. If you don't localize your services properly, then you're going to find it difficult to generate much interest from consumers in your new market. Naturally, people prefer to use services in their native language when possible. If your localization efforts aren't up to scratch, the locals won't have much interest in your business.

As well as ensuring your services are in the right language, you should also consider localizing them in other ways. For example, different markets will react differently to the same products and services, and what works in one place isn't necessarily going to work somewhere else. Therefore, you need to be able to localize your business vision and expectations so that they are also appropriate for the local market.

Lift the Language Barrier

Far too many entrepreneurs will invest the time and money needed to localize the language of their services but won't make any effort to learn the language themselves. This is always a mistake. First of all, who wouldn't want to be able to speak more languages if given the option? More importantly, as essential as localized services are to your business's success, translating your existing services is only one part of the process.

By learning the local language properly, you are arming yourself with a very powerful weapon for breaking into your new market. If you are always dependent upon translators and other people to facilitate your communications with local business partners, you are going to be sacrificing efficiency and efficacy for no discernible gain. Of course, leaning a new language isn't easy. So, if possible, you should find a tutor who will teach you on a one-on-one basis.

Prepare Yourself Practically

Opening a new business abroad is always a big undertaking, whether it's an entirely new venture or you are merely expanding your existing operation to cover a new market. Not only do you need to prepare yourself mentally for the psychological challenges that come with helming a business in an unfamiliar environment, but you also need to make sure that you are ready to go on a practical level.

The specifics of your preparation will depend on the business that you are going to be running and how you plan on running it. For example, some entrepreneurs will need to sort out a physical, retail space and a suitable supplier for stock before they can expand. Others only need to ensure that they have all their paperwork in order before they begin trading in a new market.

If you are going to be studying for a degree or other qualification before you leave, make sure that it will be recognized by authorities in your new market. For example, if you are planning on expanding into the middle east with your newly acquired mba, make sure that you choose a recognised MBA in middle east nations. Otherwise, your degree could end up being a difficult and expensive undertaking with no payoff.

Study Your Past and Present Competition

Market research is important for any successful business expansion. If you don't take the time to prepare yourself properly and make sure you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for, you will be at the mercy of the market and leave yourself wide open to nasty surprises. Even if your business is enjoying unprecedented success, expanding overseas is a big decision. If you execute it poorly, it can cause serious damage. Many businesses have ended up folding and having to close their doors because they expanded at an unsustainable rate.

The more you know about the businesses that have come before yours and what made them succeed or fail, the more informed your decisions will be and the more confident you can be in making them. Make sure that you don't just look at the businesses that are still operating today as it is just as important to understand those that have failed.

Start Building a New Network

For any entrepreneur, their network is one of their most important assets. A healthy business network can provide you with a lifeline when you need it most and ensure that you are never alone when there's no need to be. Naturally, there will be other businesses and people who are your competitors, and to some extent, what is bad for them is good for you. However, entrepreneurs who take a stance of hostility towards those they share a market with tend to have a much more difficult time than they need to.

Building an effective business network requires entrepreneurs to be adept politicians and able to balance their own needs and advantages with the long-term benefits of cooperation with other market players. This is difficult enough when you are working in your native language, but it is even harder when you are doing it in the context of an unfamiliar marketplace.

If you already know people operating in your adopted market, you will have a leg up when it comes to building your network. If you will be entering into a completely unknown landscape without any assistance, you should formulate a strategy for building your network before you get there. Look for conventions, clubs and other organizations where you can meet the kind of people you want in your network.

Expanding a business and opening a new location is a decision that demands proper care and consideration. If you try to expand your business too quickly, you may end up bringing the whole thing to its knees. Over-eager expansions have sunk businesses in the past, and yours will suffer the same fate if you aren't careful. However, if you prepare yourself properly and make the most of the opportunities open to you, opening a new location abroad can be the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

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