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Will Trump's budget have a negative effect on nursing?

by Staff Reporter
26 Jun 2017 at 11:39hrs | Views
Trump isn't the most well-liked character in world politics and it's easy to see why. If he isn't being sexist or talking mumbo jumbo, he's usually found upsetting a variety of industries because of budget cuts.

One of those industries is health care. If the proposed Federal budget goes through, it could prove to be difficult for the health care industry to grow. Many nurses have turned their noses up at Trump because he isn't looking likely to spend money where it matters most. How has Trump upset the nurses that look after our friends and family?

Nurses Aren't Happy with the Proposed Federal Budget
When the proposed Federal budget was announced, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing was instantly saddened – and that's because they know the health care industry is going to be at the brunt of budget cuts, or at least won't benefit from any further investments.

The AACN and the National League for Nursing are right to be concerned because it means the nursing workforce and health care research is going to be negatively impacted the most. Could these Federal budgets start a country-wide crisis for patients seeking care? They certainly don't look like they are going to provide any benefits.

Student Nurses Will Be Concerned
It's not just the health care industry that's going to be affected by Federal budgets; it's also those students learning the ropes. For students using online doctoral nursing programs to eventually obtain their nurse practitioner doctorate degree via Bradley University will be concerned with the lack of funding to help students progress their development.

The elimination of funding for successful programs is going to be a major negative for the health care industry. Little funding means access to programs to better a student's development will be more difficult, and it means lower-served communities are going to suffer even further.

What Does This Mean for Future Health Care?
If the proposed budgets do go through it could propel the health care industry into crisis. We're not just talking about the next five years; we're talking about the next decade when programs have been abolished and there aren't enough qualified nurses who have the experience or knowledge to care for patients in dire need.

Ultimately, a lack of nurses means further health care problems for American citizens and that could come back and bite the administration that feels these cuts are acceptable. Trump and his administration will need to go over the proposed budgets again to see where else they can save money, otherwise, it could be catastrophic for health care.

Many American citizens are starting to realize this is the sort of leadership we can expect from Trump, and it's going to get worse for as long as he remains in the hot seat. Cuts in health care are only the start and we can expect to see other industries grow while health care tumbles. Will Trump do the right thing or will he weaken what is already an ailing health care industry?

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